This document sets the terms and code of conduct expected of all members of the Leading Hoteliers Network (LHN) and is a condition of membership. We explicitly require every Member to follow the Code of Conduct below:

Members will conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, and in a manner that does not bring the LHN and/or fellow members into disrepute.

Members will refrain from using offensive or inappropriate language on all LHN related communications and social collaboration tools, including communication with our help desk.

Members will not use or condone advertising that is untrue, misleading or deceptive on the Member Platform and/or on any LHN related communications- and social media platforms.

Members will not engage in discrimination or harassment based upon race, ancestry, ethnicity, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex, real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or on the basis of any other characteristic protected by law.

If there is any reason to suspect that someone has broken the LHN Code of Conduct principles, harassed a member or anyone else, or failed to uphold honest business dealings or in any other way behaved in a way that would raise concerns with any Members of the LHN you are required to report this please. Confidentiality will be maintained.

LHN reserves the right to cancel membership and disassociate itself from any member or organization that fails to abide by these principles or otherwise brings discredit to LHN and/or members of the network.




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